Identify & Redact Sensitive Information at Scale
Powered by AI, our automated high accuracy solution provides scanning and detection capability within document management systems, folders, and multitude of file sources. Seamlessly compare and redact documents in over 47 file formats to protect sensitive data within your organization. Whether you handle financial, government, healthcare, or legal information, allows organizations to reduce risk of human error, combat time sensitive redaction requests, avoid costly penalties at a fraction of the price.
How we can help
Time-saving AI
Cloud-based for multiple
Collaborative work
among teams
Proactive risk
assessment reports
High accuracy to avoid
Driving Enterprise-Wide Value
Uncompromising Accuracy
Avoiding breaches and lawsuits by precisely detecting sensitive information.
AI-Powered Speed
Reclaiming countless personnel hours for greater operational efficiency.
Heightened ROI
Mitigating manual reviews so your workforce can focus on profit-driving activities.
Invaluable Peace of Mind
Instilling enterprise leaders with the confidence that comes from compliance.
“Quick, well designed, and saved our team over 97% of time. Our team was able to meet subject access requests and meet GDPR mandates using the redaction solution.”
- Carl Bevan -
Comply with Industry Regulations
From Sarbanes-Oxley governance to HIPPA protections, our solutions empower enterprises to keep sensitive information private and secure.
Focus on Your Core Competencies
Whether you lead a government agency or a real estate group, saves your workforce from tedious redaction processes so they can do what they do best.
Avoid Costly Human Errors
Even the smallest oversights at a large organization can snowball into public and regulatory scrutiny. catches what even the most attentive employees miss.
Leverage Our Secure Cloud
For nationwide and global teams, our cloud-based solutions keep everyone on the same page, all backed by our SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications.
Our Seamless Redaction Process
Import document
Scan for sensitive data
Pinpoint findings with AI
Review & redact automatically
Export document
One Plan. 360° Support.
Further your industry lead with our full suite of AI-powered solutions. Redact, Compare, Review
Annual payment is more favorable,save up to 17%
  • Full plan including Redact, Compare and Review.
  • Starter, Basic, Business, Enterprise four service plans, choose the most suitable plan to start work.
  • The data traffic in the package is shared by the three apps.
  • Available for all users. Discovery
Annual payment is more favorable, save up to 20%
  • Full plan including Discovery.
  • Choose plan by path and storage.
  • Yearly payment or monthly payment of annual plan.
  • For business users.
Solutions at the Crossroads of Productivity and Compliance
Document Redaction
Seamlessly redact lengthy documents prior to dissemination.
Identify PII and sensitive information within your databases.
Compare documents to identify changes before finalization.
Put AI to work for contracts, agreements, NDAs, and more.
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