AI Document Security & Compliance Solution
Peace of Mind
Our advanced AI technology allows your organization to identify critical information within your repository in minutes. Empowering our users to automate compliance requests, protect sensitive information (PII) from prying eyes, and eliminate liability.
How we can help
Save time &
reduce cost
Reduce liability
and hefty
Cloud Infrastructure
Team Management &
Risk Assessment
Create automated
templates & workflows
How We Bring Value
Average Accuracy Rate
Delivering on a high accuracy rate to ensure you don’t miss a thing.
Time Saving
Turning hours of internal document workflows to minutes instantly.
Cost Saving
Reducing costs associated with manual detection and redaction.
Labor Hours Gained Back
Giving your team peace of mind and their valuable time back to do more important tasks.
“Quick, well designed, and saved our team over 97% of time. Our team was able to meet subject access requests and meet GDPR mandates using the redaction solution.”
- Carl Bevan -
Meet compliance mandates
Stay on top of your compliance program by ensuring your PII information is securely redacted without any threat of sensitive information being detected or in the wrong hands.
Save time and money
Cut down painstaking experience and costs associated with manual redaction. Eliminate hundreds of hours of manual labor and improve employee morale with our powerful AI solutions.
Minimize Human Error
Our AI powered technology allows users to have a second pair of eyes to detect sensitive information that would be missed by the human eye. Prevent costly fees associated with data breaches in the long run.
Cloud based
Our solutions allow users to work and collaborate efficiently on the cloud without having to worry about documents getting lost, misplaced, or stolen. Security is crucial for us and we hold the title of being both SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified.
Simple solution to redact documents
using our AI technology.
Import documents
Scanning sensitive data
Automatically pinpoints sensitive data in documents
Review and redact
Export or share
Choose a plan that’s right for you
Pricing plans to fit organizations of all sizes Redact, Compare, Review
Annual payment is more favorable, save up to 20%
  • Full plan including Redact, Compare and Review.
  • Free trial , Quick project, Small team, Enterprise four service plans, choose the most suitable plan to start work.
  • The data traffic in the package is shared by the three apps.
  • Available for all users. Discovery
Annual payment is more favorable, save up to 10%
  • Full plan including Discovery.
  • Choose plan by path and storage.
  • Yearly payment or monthly payment of annual plan.
  • For business users.
Try our products to increase your productivity
Discover personal identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and other types of sensitive data in your documents.
Document Redaction
Fast and easy to redact personal identifiable information (PII) before distributing or sharing.
Easily spot differences between digital documents.
Resolve potential issues with AI powered suggestions for your legal documents.
Learn how works in action
Document Comparison
Oct 5, 2022
11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST
Sensitive Data Redaction
Oct 12, 2022
11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST
Document Comparison
Oct 19, 2022
11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST
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